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Pearly Whites with Pearly Fillings by a Philadelphia Cosmetic Dentist

By Gerald Regni, DMD on March 18, 2014

Dr. Harold Katz, in, featured celebrities who sported missing or disfigured teeth as their role required, or as natural wear took its toll.

Ever wonder how Jim Carrey chipped his tooth for "Dumb and Dumber?" Well, it turns out it was no prop. And Carrey is not the only celebrity with a dent in his chompers...

The chipped tooth in Jim Carrey's character Lloyd Christmas in "Dumb and Dumber" is no act. The Golden Globe winner broke his front teeth during a fight in grade school, when a classmate jumped on his head in detention. Soon after Carrey's family had the tooth capped, yet when preparing the slightly deranged character in the flick, he thought removing the cap would make the role more authentic.


Actors or actresses aside, missing or broken teeth is not attractive for a lot of people. Whether as a result of injury or natural wear, knocked-out or damaged teeth usually leads people to seek advanced dental services or dental prosthetics. Timely appointments with a Philadelphia cosmetic dentist to obtain fillings where needed, and treat unsightly breaks, help prevent the inevitable discomfort of tooth loss.

Dental fillings are artificial resins placed on the cavities or holes of a tooth. The dentist first takes out the decayed part and then bonds the filling onto the hollow area. As one of the basic services offered in a cosmetic dental office, fillings are one of the most inexpensive treatments in cosmetic dentistry.

Ceramic fillings, or composites, are ideal as a cosmetic and restorative solution. When placed over cavities, these fillings instantly fill and cover the cavity. Unlike silver and gold materials, pearly ceramics are a natural-looking blend to the teeth enamel, which makes it the better alternative.

While cavities cannot be reversed, infection can be halted through dental fillings. Cavities harbor bacteria and promote decay. Eventually, the teeth will fall off if no dental measure, such as dental filling solution, is taken to arrest the decay, and prevent tooth loss.

Aside from dental fillings, other cosmetic services may be recommended to treat and avoid teeth deterioration. Whether you're interested in fillings or in more advanced procedures, seek an established Philadelphia cosmetic dentistry practice, such as the services of Dr. Gerald Regni. Restoring your pearly whites can be accomplished with the professional service of a trained cosmetic tooth doctor.

(Source: A timeline of celebrities with missing teeth,, December 26, 2013)

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