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Dental Implants in Philadelphia can Help Restore Your Teeth’s Function

By Gerald Regni, DMD on February 11, 2014

Many people understand the importance of a full set of teeth. These bones are integral to bodily and even social functions. This is why many people go out of their way to keep their teeth in optimal condition.

Unfortunately, there are different reasons for an individual to lose his/her tooth. Lifestyle choices, gum disease, and infections caused by trauma are some of the most common reasons for tooth loss. People who have lost their permanent teeth need not to worry, as there are dental implants in Philadelphia and other cities around the country.

Dental Implants in Philadelphia can Help Restore Your Teeth’s Function

Scott Kessman of Yahoo! Voices brings up several points as to why dental implants are extremely valuable for any individual.

First of all, it helps maintain a person's aesthetic features. A jaw that has lost a tooth loses bone overtime and can have detrimental effects on a person’s jawline. Good dental implants help maintain the structural integrity of the patient’s jaw.

Dental implants also help increase the patient's quality of life. As they help restore one's set of pearly whites to its former glory, they also help the patient regain the confidence he/she lost when the tooth was lost or extracted.

However, it is important to remember that care for dental implants is as important as (if somewhat different from) care for the patient’s natural teeth. Patients should avoid exceedingly hot drinks as these can damage the tissue surrounding the implant. Dental implants must also not be flossed, since it could expose the bone to bacteria.

Taking these considerations to mind, patients will find Philadelphia dental implant installation as a sound investment. Interested patients can contact trusted practitioners like Dr. Gerald Regni for more details.

(Source: Benefits of Dental Implants, Yahoo! Voices)

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