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A Site’s Introduction to Services by Cosmetic Dentist in Philadelphia

By Gerald Regni, DMD on February 09, 2014

A Sacramento Bee article published February 3, 2014 details an organization’s efforts to expand awareness regarding cosmetic dentistry. It writes:

The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD), the world's largest non-profit membership association dedicated to the art and science of cosmetic dentistry, is pleased to announce the launch of its consumer website, With the launch of this site, AACD is embarking on a new campaign aimed to help educate consumers about cosmetic dentistry, encourage them in their pursuit to improve their smiles, and to raise awareness of the importance of seeking out an AACD Accredited or member dentist for treatment.


"There are currently many different cosmetic dentistry treatment options for patients, and this website enables the consumer to learn more about these procedures through a less intimidating, more consumer-friendly fun way," said Dr. Jack Ringer, DDS, AAACD; AACD President 2013-2014.

The efforts made by the national body is sure to have an effect on how patients look at cosmetic dentistry and the services of a trusted cosmetic dentist in Philadelphia.

A Site’s Introduction to Services by Cosmetic Dentist in Philadelphia

A lot of patients undergo dental fears that vary in severity. This is also true to cosmetic dentistry, as the discipline involves planting of foreign implements to the tooth to restore the teeth’s structure. However, the benefits one could get from cosmetic dentistry greatly outweighs the anxiety patients are feeling.

The greatest gift cosmetic dentistry can bestow upon a patient is the ability to regain his/her confidence. These procedures are meant to restore the former glamour of a chipped, lost or discolored tooth. A credible Philadelphia cosmetic dentist can do wonders for a person’s smile and, in effect, his/her confidence levels.

The website established by the AACD will effectively introduce patients to cosmetic dentistry. Anxious patients can contact trusted practitioners like Gerald Regni to learn more details.

(Article Information and Image from The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Launches ‘Your Smile Becomes You’ Website, Sacramento Bee, February 3, 2014)

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