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Problems That Need the Attention of a Philadelphia Emergency Dentist

By Gerald Regni, DMD on February 05, 2014

Dental problems can happen anytime. However, there are certain problems that need to be brought to the attention of a dentist immediately. Some of these dental problems include:

Problems That Need the Attention of a Philadelphia Emergency Dentist


Abscesses are an incredibly painful bacterial infection of the tooth root or of the gums. Other symptoms include swelling of the jaw or neck glands and an open sore on the gums. According to an entry from Web MD, the sudden disappearance of severe pain should not stop a person from visiting an experienced emergency dentist in Philadelphia:

"If the root of the tooth dies as a result of infection, the toothache may stop. However, this doesn't mean the infection has healed; the infection remains active and continues to spread and destroy tissue. Therefore… it is important to see a dentist even if the pain subsides."
Knocked-out Tooth

A tooth that has been knocked out should be picked up by the crown and placed in a container of milk as quickly as possible to help extend the life of the tooth. Afterwards, the patient should see a dentist immediately to have the tooth reattached. The sooner you see a dentist, the higher the chances of successfully reattaching the tooth.

Lost Filling/Crown

A lost filling or crown is a dangerous problem to have, as the damaged portion of a tooth is re-exposed to harmful bacteria. This can easily lead to further decay which might result in the need for a root canal.

When a dental emergency arises, it is best to see a dentist immediately. Many dentists, however, are not available after office hours. That in mind, it is probably a good idea to jot down the contact details of a Philadelphia emergency dentist like Dr. Gerald Regni, DMD to be prepared.

(Source: Dental Health and the Abscessed Tooth, WebMD)

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