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Preventive Oral Care, from a Philadelphia Dentist or Others, Up—Study

By Gerald Regni, DMD on January 24, 2014

Health care practitioners have been advocating the value of prevention throughout time. Aside from urging patients to do the equally important daily oral care practices like brushing, flossing and healthy food intake, dentists offer preventive care services as an extra defense against tooth and gum diseases.

preventive dental care increased over last 10 years

Despite this, a recent survey whose results were discussed in an article on The Huffington Post shows that although most Americans receive preventive health care services, many still lack the initiative to invest resources and time on oral preventive care. The article reports:

"The study, conducted by Duke University researchers, is based on phone survey responses from nearly 650,000 middle-aged and elderly people in the U.S. between 1999 and 2008. The participants were asked the last time a professional cleaned their teeth (considering an indicator of preventive dental care).

Researchers found that more Americans have been receiving preventive dental care each year for the last 10 years, though there is still a large number -- 23 to 43 percent, depending on the racial group -- going without such care."

When it comes to dental health, prevention entails various routine services. Regular checkups and routine oral exams are done to allow the dentist to professionally inspect each tooth and all parts of the oral cavity for cleanliness and health.

Not all problems are visible to the naked eye, though. Therefore, X-rays are employed as a diagnostic tool. There are a variety of X-ray types specific to the teeth and mouth. Some may focus on a particular tooth, while some may encompass the sizable sections or the whole oral cavity. When it comes to preventive services, the latter is often the choice to get a thorough overview and detect abnormalities.

Lastly, there's oral prophylaxis or teeth cleaning. A routine tooth cleaning strengthens the oral cavity and prevents adverse conditions typically caused by bacterial growth, such as tooth decay and gum disease. Your dentist in Philadelphia offers all these services and more.

Preventive care involves measures to preserve health and prevent the spread of disease. It enables early detection and treatment of potential or actual oral concerns. Services like checkups, X-rays and cleanings are very easy on the pocket and may even come in package promotions.

What's more practical about investing on these services is that you get to avoid the pain of complex oral diseases and possibly high costs of treatment. A trusted Philadelphia dentist like Dr. Gerald Regni, DMD will be happy to discuss affordable options that will surely keep a smile on your face.

(Article Information and Image from Preventive Dental Care Increased Over Last 10 Years, But Gaps Still Remain, The Hufftington Post, December 23, 2013)

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