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A Philadelphia Emergency Dentist Can Help Reimplant a Dislocated Tooth

By Gerald Regni, DMD on October 17, 2013

a-philadelphia-emergency-dentist-can-help-reimplant-a-dislocated-toothSome dental injuries, such as those leading to a dislocated or loose tooth, need immediate medical attention, which is why having a reliable emergency dentist in Philadelphia to turn to is important. As an article on notes:

The tooth should be placed back into the tooth socket as soon as possible, ideally within 15 minutes and up to one hour (or longer if stored in cold milk). At least 85 percent of teeth that are put back in the tooth socket within five minutes survive, compared to very few teeth that are stored dry and reimplanted after one hour.

This injury can also happen to children. If it happens to a primary tooth, there is no need to be alarmed since the damaged tooth will just be replaced with a permanent one. According to the same article, this loose tooth “should not be placed back into the gums because of the risk of damage to the permanent tooth to follow.” However, having a broken primary tooth is another story. Its nerves might also be damaged so the child has to be brought to a dentist as soon as possible.

A person with fractured teeth also has to be brought to an emergency dentist quickly to prevent infections to the pulp, especially if the injury goes deep into the inner layers of the teeth. In such cases, one has to see a dentist within the day to avoid possible complications. The dental professional can do an examination to determine other damage and may place dentine padding on the affected part for protection.

To save a dislocated permanent tooth and avoid the need for an implant, it is essential that the tooth be replaced as soon as possible. If it cannot be placed back in the gums and if there's no cold milk available, suggests placing it “in a container of the child's saliva.”

A Philadelphia emergency dentist should also be sought immediately if one has lost dental fillings, putting one at risk of pain and infection, and if one experiences post-dental surgery complications like post-extraction pain. This type of pain normally occurs, yet if it persists after some time even with painkillers, one would need to seek professional help from an experienced dentist like Dr. Gerald Regni.

(Info from Patient Information: Mouth and Dental Injuries in Children (Beyond the Basics),, April 2013)

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