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Your Choice of a Dentist in Philadelphia Can Affect Your Overall Health

By Gerald Regni, DMD on September 29, 2013

Last December, in a story for The Columbus Dispatch, Denise Trowbridge reported on a new, if not entirely surprising, twist to the nation's healthcare issues:

A recent study by Case Western Reserve University researchers shows a link between obesity and cavities among children living in poverty. The study found that as those children age, the risk of obesity increases, as do the number of cavities. The two are related, but not the way one might guess. "It’s not the obesity causing the cavities or the cavities causing obesity," said Peg DiMarco, an associate professor of nursing and the author of the study, which examined health data of homeless children in Akron."Poverty is the underlying cause of both." It boils down to lack of access to fresh, healthful foods and to basic dental care. In Columbus, as in other cities, the areas where many people live in poverty "don’t have large grocery stores. They have quick stops," said Dr. Dennis McTigue, professor of pediatric dentistry at Ohio State University and spokesman for the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry.

Dental issues have big effects in poor kids

If you think that good dental health involves just regular brushing and flossing of your teeth, think again. As Trowbridge's story shows, maintaining good dental health requires a complete lifestyle; it does not simply come down to an activity you do for a few minutes each day. In fact, the problems Trowbridge raises do not only concern children or those living in poverty—obesity and cavities affect everybody across all strata of society.

The study, though conducted in Columbus, Ohio, impacts people living in cities like Philadelphia in Pennsylvania as well. Fortunately, you have a choice of a dentist in Philadelphia who can treat not only your dental problems but also address your overall health issues. These dentists, like Dr. Gerald Regni, employ a holistic approach to dentistry. They use non-toxic, bio-safe materials in their procedures, cognizant of how these affect their patient's total wellness.

As Trowbridge notes, health problems connected with obesity like diabetes and cardiovascular diseases are well-known, but those linked with cavities have not been given due attention. Unfortunately, cavities among children, especially those with weight issues, have become more common than asthma. In fact, they have become the top chronic infectious disease among children.

Visiting a reliable Philadelphia dentist who practices natural dentistry is the best way to start combating these problems and living a more healthy life.

(From Dental issues have big effects in poor kids, The Columbus Dispatch, December 30, 2012)

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