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What is “Holistic Dentistry?”

By Gerald Regni, DMD on September 18, 2013

part 3And Alternative, Biological, Integrated, or Natural

  • Whole body care, determined from the diagnosis of the oral cavity.
  • The science of using non-toxic dental restorative materials.
  • The rational removal of toxic metals using accepted treatment protocols and the impact they have on other organs and health.
  • The early emphasis on immune system support during care with nutraceuticals.
  • Microbiological control of gum infections with stabilizing of intestinal flora, PH, and dietary modification.


An approach to dentistry based on holistic principle (taking into account the whole body);  therapies utilizing alternatives to the common treatment procedure; and substances placed in the month. An unlimited approach which allows a full potential to diagnosing and healing.



Biological Dentistry recognizes the close connection between dental health, the substances and procedures used in dentistry,  and such areas as nutrition, body structure, the cranial system, the immune system and the central nervous system. Biological dentistry also takes into account the predisposition to disease that toxic elements can cause.



The term used to describe a different concept to the style of dentistry practiced in the average dental practice. Integrated dentistry implements other fields of medicine and other practices to make a wide  spectrum of technology and practices available to the patient!



Dentistry conforming more closely to the original – true to nature; freedom from artificiality, affectation, or constraint pertaining to procedures and substances used in treatments; having a form or substance customarily found in nature.

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