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Holistic Dentistry: For Your Whole Health Part 2

By Gerald Regni, DMD on September 18, 2013

We are proud to be biological dentists.

As dentistry moves into the 21st century, it is providing a coupling of high tech materials, integration of techniques, and diagnostics with scientifically based research.

Biological Dentistry can be categorized as dentistry with a conscious. A consciousness of how the treatments of the teeth and jaws will affect the health of the individual, of how it will affect the immune system. Will it be congruent and health enhancing or will the treatments be health stressors to the individuals?

The first area of concern in biological dentistry is the toxicity of metals and their release from the fillings and replacement appliances (metal partials and crowns that have nickel) used in dentistry. The most tragic example of misstated biocompatibility is organized dentistry's position of advocating a known poison - MERCURY- in amalgam fillings just because it has been used for 150 years! Mercury and other heavy metals from dental fillings contribute to all chronic disease states. These metal ions dissociate from their masses to diffuse, migrate and become absorbed in the tissues altering the electrochemical character of the immune systems concomitantly changing the ratios and populations of the blood cells (decreased white blood cell count) and the cells of the immune system. In addition, these migrating metal ions stop or alter the function of the body's enzymes.

The second area of biological concern is the extent and character of the direct electrical currents generated by the disassociation of dissimilar metals in an electrolyte media (fluids and tissues of the human body). This is called "oral galvanism." These currents carry disruptive metal ions to the opposite poles in these oral galvanic batteries. How much oral galvanic power is necessary to change organic function, to change membrane permeability, to interfere with the power of thought or recall, or to initiate degenerative change? We just don't know! But we do know that it does change from electronegative to electropositive.

The next area of concern in biological dentistry is that of hidden or residual infection to include areas of necrosis and chronic inflammation. Collectively these areas are called "Dental Interference Fields or Foci." This is dentistry's most ignored area of meaningful and effective therapeutic contributions in resolving chronic disease. A focus or dental interference field is a diseased change in the soft connective tissue containing unprocessable material causing the local and general defense reactions to be in a continuous state of active of conflict. This can lead to abnormal distant effects far removed from the original source and is most often chronic in nature. Biological dentists utilized materials reactivity testing to individualize the compatibility of dental materials used in the reparative and restorative aspects of dentistry. A materials re-activities test is made from the patient's blood serum. It is a qualitative antigen-antibody precipitin observation type test. It indicates what materials may be suitable for the patient to utilize in the restorative aspect of his dental treatment. Other types of testing for individual biocompatibility for suitable dental materials are electro - dermal testing, and ART (AUTONOMIC RESPONSE TESTING).

Whole body Dentistry

The ideal scene is approximated by and for the body by removing unwanted substances (contaminates) that have been placed previously and have the potential to have dripped into the tissues, which eventually cause lack of congruency with the systems and organs resulting in disease and dysfunction.

By establishing what is contaminating or interfering with existing biological function (related to the oral cavity and dental restorative material), one can plot out a course of action to remove what is not acceptable and replace or place as needed a more compatible substance that won't cause disturbances and interferences in the mouth that then impinge on the body and its pathways.


  1. Remove substances that impinge or effect biological function
  2. Remove them from oral cavity
  3. Replace with biological compatible substance
  4. Establish Body harmony

Interferences on the Body:

1. Subluxation 2. Nutrition 3. Allergy 4. Psychological 5. Environment 6. Toxins a. Metals b. Solvents 7. Parasites 8. Viruses 9. Bacteria 10. Switching a. Teeth and jaw  (hidden infections) b. Scar

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