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Plenty of Good Reasons to Visit an Emergency Dentist in Philadelphia

By Gerald Regni, DMD on September 05, 2013

car-accidents-are-the-biggest-killers-of-young-people-in-the-ukAn article posted on reveals that the average driver in the UK is bound to experience a traffic collision at least twice in his or her lifetime. This figure shouldn't be taken as such grim news, however, since it also factors in relatively harmless accidents on the road like bumps and sideswipes. In any case, road accidents may provide compelling reasons to seek emergency dental services.

Given that around 124,092 traffic collisions were recorded in the state of Pennsylvania in 2012 alone, such news may not sound unusual to motorists in Philadelphia. It is safe to say that a reputable Philadelphia emergency dentist like Dr. Gerald Regni, DMD has had plenty of experience dealing with chipped, broken, or missing teeth among auto accident victims. While it is certainly advisable to seek medical attention following a traffic accident, there are also other emergency measures that one may carry out.

For instance, those who are relatively unharmed and capable of assisting must see to the safety and well-being of everyone involved in the accident. Anyone who sustains serious injuries, particularly a broken neck, shouldn't be moved from his or her position at the accident scene until professional emergency personnel arrive to handle it from there, or unless his or her life depends on it. Emergency services cannot be emphasized enough since some seemingly minor injuries can, in fact, be life-threatening.

In addition, says that it is dangerous to swallow one's own tooth, even by accident. Any missing tooth should be quickly located, recovered, and rinsed with milk or saline liquid because an avulsed or a knocked-out tooth may still be reattached to the gums, provided it is still largely intact. Children with avulsed teeth, on the other hand, are arguably luckier since they can still grow permanent teeth later on; experts caution against reattaching baby teeth since this procedure can, in fact, affect the growth of healthy adult teeth.

Dental emergencies, unfortunately, aren't limited to traffic accidents. For instance, children and adults who engage in full-contact sports face significant risks of tooth loss, and must accordingly wear protective mouth pieces. A pediatric dentist in Philadelphia, thus, also typically handles cases in which teeth get dislodged from their base as a result of poor oral health. Other dental emergencies include tooth ache, swelling gums, a broken jaw, and even a bitten tongue.

The bottom line is that every dental emergency, whether arising from a traffic collision or a sports-related injury, must be taken seriously. Although one may undertake DIY first-aid measures, it is still best to set an emergency appointment with a reputable dentist.

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