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Natural Dentistry-Making The Right Dental Choice

By Gerald Regni, DMD on August 23, 2013

Is There Poison In Your Mouth?

Did you know that you may have a potential time bomb in your mouth? It’s the silver fillings in your teeth. Common “silver fillings? (silver amalgams) contain approximately 50% mercury and only about 20% silver (with smaller amounts of copper, tin and zinc).

Since mercury is a toxic poison, what is it doing in your mouth?

Reactions to silver fillings

Whole body reactions to mercury ( as contained in silver fillings) are so universal that they have been categorized into five major divisions: the specific organs, glands, muscles, and joints in the body.

1. Neurological

a.) Emotional (such as depression, feeling irritable, suicidal, no tolerance) b.) Motor (such as seizures. Muscle twitches and spasm, multiple sclerosis)

2. Cardiovascular (such as chest pains, altered or rapid heart beats, pounding heart) 3. Collagen diseases (such as arthritis, joint paints, bursitis, lupus, scleroderma) 4. Immune system problems (such as easily catching colds, always feeling tired, feeling run down, inability to fight off infections, etc.) 5. Allergies (such as allergies to food, environment, and /or chemicals; universal reactors)

Do you recognize any of the above symptoms in yourself or in any of your family members?

Even with such a wide range of known mercury-related symptoms, few doctors will link these chronic problems back to long-term mercury poisoning. Although mercury poisoning may commonly be at the root of many illnesses, it is still one of the most frequently overlooked diagnoses.

Avoid Non-Precious Metals In Your Mouth

In addition to the systemic body damage and toxicity from the mercury leaching from silver fillings, many non-precious metals used in dentistry (such as palladium, stainless steel, nickel alloys, bases for porcelain crowns, etc.) have also been shown to cause systemic damage and toxicity. When a dentist says that you will be getting a “porcelain” crown, often what you really will be getting is a porcelain crown fused to a non-precious metal base.

Selecting Biocompatible Materials

Most dental materials are selected based on how long they last in your mouth, how durable they are and/or how aesthetic they look, but often little thought goes into whether the body’s owner may be negatively reacting to the dental material itself.

Whatever is inserted inside the mouth, you will be exposed to 24 hours a day – that’s a lot of hours to reactif the material is not biocompatible to your neurological system. As more and more people suffer debilitating symptoms (which can occur anywhere in the body) from the use of toxic dental materials, the bottom-line concern will become the use of biocompatible dental materials. Pain is a great motivator.

The Relationship Of The Teeth To The Rest Of The Body

Ancient Chinese medical science states that the body’s electromagnetic energy flows along invisible channels called acupuncture meridians throughout the whole body. This concept was unacceptable to the scientific Western mind for many decades until two French medical doctors scientifically proved the existence of these channels through radioisotope tagging in the 1970’s. Since then, the art and science of seeing how teeth infection or contamination from metals and chemicals can block these channels.

The ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) taught that the main cause of sickness is an imbalance of energy in the body. Some parts of the body may become oversupplied or “jammed” with energy while other parts may have too little energy. This theory that disease is caused by an imbalance of energy is over 5,000 years old. Before a disease actually occurs, first an alteration or disturbance must take place in the body’s electromagnetic fields. Many things can disturb these fields, such as poor nutrition, chemicals in your food, pesticides, harmful electromagnetic fields (such as power lines), bad bacteria, fungus, viruses, poisons, toxins, trauma, stress, and many other factors.

Acupuncture is one of the oldest therapeutic means to restore these energetic imbalances, which have been disturbed by disease. The acupuncture points are a whole network over the entire body interconnecting all the electromagnetic fields. In addition, many researchers such as Dr. J. Thompsen, D.D.S. and Dr. Reinhart Voll, M.D. of Germany have mapped the electromagnetic connections between every tooth and the specific organs, glands, muscles, and joints in the body.

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