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Get A Healthy Winning Smile!

By Gerald Regni, DMD on August 09, 2013

Winning Smiles! The day Dr. Regni finished my teeth, I stood in front of mirror, looked at my new smile and said, “You should have done this a long time ago.”

Since I was a kid people have complimented my white, well proportioned smile. My childhood dentist often told me I was lucky to have the teeth I had. Throughout the years I went to my cleaning appointments, took care of a few cavities, and had the occasional chip smoothed. As I grew older, I noticed things that bothered me about my teeth. It started with the appearance of discoloration and decalcification spots. Later it became obvious that I had rotated teeth, receding gums, wear patterns, chips and crazed lines in the enamel. My smile was only from cuspid to cuspid, and my teeth were all the same length. I didn’t like the way they looked.

Every time I raised these concerns with my prior dentist I was told that they were simply symptoms of aging. Nothing was broken, so why fix it? I went from dentist to dentist because they seemed interested only in addressing what was needed and not what I wanted. I wanted even color, longer teeth; I didn’t want to force my smile in order to show my teeth. I desired what every professional at my age wants – a winning smile.

I was stunned when I saw the computer images up for the first time. What I had envisioned was right in front of my eyes. Everything I wanted was there, length, shape. I couldn’t wait to get stated. The experience of having my teeth prepped for my new smile was amazing; the simplicity of the process was overwhelming.

Dr. Regni used a laser to reshape the tissue; I didn’t feel any discomfort and there was no bleeding. Before I knew it was done, twelve preps were completed and my temps looked beautiful as the models shown. I have a new-found respect for dentists and staff that have mastered the art of showing a patient the right combination of skill, vision and care.

The weeks after the placement of the temps passed quickly, and before I knew it I was back at the dentist’s once to receive my permanent teeth. The bonding procedure seemed as simple as the prepping. I was pleasantly surprised at how strong the restorations appeared and how natural they felt in my mouth.

What I didn’t anticipate was how emotional the experience would be. I was blown away by the impact my new smile had on my appearance and my confidence. My expectations had been exceeded.

Reflecting in this experience I feel truly blessed. I always knew that I worked with a highly skilled professional who was passionate about his work. But to see the culmination of all his efforts in my new smile was both gratifying and humbling. I wish that all patients could experience the transformative power of “comprehensive dentistry.

“I now have the winning smile I have wanted for years.”

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