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By Gerald Regni, DMD on July 23, 2013

new-gmo-study-raises-health-concernsIn the June 2013 edition of the Journal of Organic Systems, Leah Zerbe writes about American and Australian researchers who conducted a study and discovered that pigs fed with genetically engineered (GE) feed suffered symptoms of diseases that affect fertility. With this discovery, consumer experts strongly recommended further follow-up studies about the issues raised by these startling results.

Philadelphia, a city known for its brotherly love, is also famous for its cuisine and many traditional foods, such as pork rolls and scrapple, the main ingredient of which is pig meat. Pork is one of the most widely eaten types of meat in the world, even though it is commonly known that pork has a high cholesterol content and a lot of saturated fat. Now it appears that people who eat pork are susceptible not only to heart diseases, but can also suffer from the possible negative effects of eating animals that are fed with GE products. That is why natural living and holistic health should be incorporated more into people's daily lives for them to achieve an optimum level of wellness, according to Dr. Gerald Regni, DMD, a holistic Philadelphia emergency dentist who promotes natural health dental practices.

Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) have genetic material that has been altered with the use of biotechnology; this sort of technology has become rather controversial because of the potential dangers of genetically altered products to consumers. Holistic health advocates like Dr. Regni disapprove of such artificial and risky products of science. For this reason, he employs natural techniques, materials, methods, and processes for the benefit of his patients' dental as well as overall health.

In the study, GE-fed pigs had severe stomach inflammation and had heavier uteri, which put them at a higher risk of developing gynecological polyps and endometrial cancer. Since the physiology of pigs closely resembles human physiology, researchers are afraid that individuals who consume GE foods or GMOs will likewise suffer the same negative health effects. However, further research is required to obtain conclusive proof of this claim.

Holistic medicine focuses on the principle that one should consider the psychological, physical, spiritual, and emotional needs of a person to promote healing and improve health. Holistic dentistry shares the same beliefs, and practitioners understand that the oral cavity has a vital relationship with the rest of the body. Natural dentists believe that dental problems as well as the effects of dental treatment are not solely confined to the mouth, but may also be related to other parts of the body.

To avoid the risk of developing complications from GMOs, eat organic, verified non-GMO food. Moreover, if you have dental problems in need of immediate treatment, find yourself a reliable emergency dentist in Philadelphia to treat you using holistic and natural treatment methods.

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