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How to be more kissable!!!!!

By Gerald Regni, DMD on July 15, 2013

Halitosis is a term used to describe bad breath. There are certain measures that could be taken to mask the bad odor such as gum, scented mints, mouth rinses, and mouth spray but our goal is to eliminate bad breath. There are some areas that need to be evaluated in order to locate the culprit of halitosis.

Tongue- Many are unaware that on the tongue lie papillae which contain our taste buds which trap food particles and sulfur producing bacteria that cause foul odors in the mouth. That is why it is important to scrape the dorsal surface of the tongue at least once daily. An antimicrobial rinse used twice daily will also assist in the removal of these organisms.


Gingival Sulucs- Another term used to describe your gums in dentistry is gingiva. These terms are interchangeable. The sulcus is defined as a groove or slight depression. The gingival sulcus refers to the area (or small space) between the tooth and the gum. This is where plaque (bacteria) come to reside resulting in bleeding/swelling of the gums aka gingivitis. Plaque or biofilm is reformed on the tooth structure only hours after the plaque is removed. That is why it is imperative for these harmful bacteria to be interrupted daily. If not removed daily the plaque will calcify and turn into tarter. The gingival sulcus requires proper irrigation with a waterpick twice daily or flossing along with professional cleanings every six months, antimicrobial agents, and brushing three times daily.

Tonsils- As mentioned earlier, these anaerobic bacteria sulfur byproducts that breed on the surface of the tongue are also found on the tonsil/throat area. There are certain medicaments that can be used such as taking homeopaths that address sinuses and tonsils along with eliminating habits that could cause chronic inflammation. Eg: Smoking, job relating particles, poor homecare, poor diet, and allergens. Certain antimicrobial agents that will help detox these areas include: Omega 3 (fish oil, flax seed oil, and borge) and Omega 6 (coconut oil).

Gut- Bacteria in the stomach may require a supplement such as probiotics and anti fungals, to neutralize unwanted bacteria and promote good digestive bacteria. Also, certain food combinations or improper food combinations can produce enzymes in the body that cannot digest food properly causing acid reflux. When we eat incompatible food combos the gas increases due to the processing/breakdown of food that takes place. The odor that is thrown off with these food mixtures could be offensive to others and cause duress on the digestive system resulting in improper break down and foul smells resulting! When we have regulated our diet we will also achieve fresh breath.

Once these areas are taken into account and assessed, we will have a better idea what area or areas are is to blame for your bad breath. Once we find the culprit we could attack the enemy with the proper measures mentioned above. Our goal is to give you the treatment and education you deserve along with boosting your self-esteem!!! You no longer have to be offensive to others due to your halitosis…..thanks to our dental team.

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