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Underbite vs Underjet: What Is the Difference?

Our team discusses underbite vs underjet, and explores treatment options for these types of malocclusion.

Gerald Regni, DMD Jun 04, 2018

Root Canal Therapy vs. Tooth Extraction

If patients don’t undergo root canal therapy, the infection can progress to the point that the tooth can’t be salvaged and must be extracted.

Gerald Regni, DMD Apr 28, 2018

Natural Smiles with Metal-Free Dentistry

The doctors at Dr. Gerald Regni & Associates in Philadelphia, PA, employ natural and holistic methods to provide their patients comprehensive metal-free dentistry.

Gerald Regni, DMD Mar 28, 2018

Identifying the Symptoms of Periodontal Disease

It is important to be familiar with the symptoms of periodontal disease, such as bleeding gums, in order to effectively combat the condition.

Gerald Regni, DMD Feb 28, 2018

The Role of Nutrition in Holistic Dentistry

Dr. Gerald Regni discusses nutrition and holistic dentistry, and how they can support a patient’s oral health.

Gerald Regni, DMD Jan 31, 2018

Exploring Treatment for Overlapping Teeth

At Gerald Regni, DMD & Associates, we offer various cosmetic dentistry procedures for the treatment of overlapping teeth.

Gerald Regni, DMD Dec 28, 2017

Treatments for Jutted Teeth: Enhancing Your Smile

Teeth that jut out too far can affect the appearance and health of your smile. The team at Dr. Gerald Regni Jr & Associates considers…

Gerald Regni, DMD Nov 29, 2017

Dental Care for Seniors: Great Smiles in Your Golden Years

Senior dental care typically involves a combination of general and restorative dentistry. Dr. Gerald Regni Jr & Associates discusses keeping elderly smiles healthy.

Gerald Regni, DMD Oct 28, 2017

Why Aggressive Tooth Brushing Is Bad for Your Dental Health

Brushing your teeth in an aggressive or forceful way can lead to tooth damage and gum recession. Let's offer some oral hygiene and dental care…

Gerald Regni, DMD Sep 28, 2017

Tongue Scrapers and Improved Oral Health

Experienced dentist Gerald Regni discusses how tongue scrapers can benefit dental patients by improving oral health.

Gerald Regni, DMD Aug 28, 2017

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