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Abigail K.

When I was about 10 years old my mother became very ill. She could barely get out of bed or remember important details. Being wrongly diagnosed multiple times, she gave up. One day she met a doctor who diagnosed her with chronic Lyme disease. Following this diagnosis, she had both my sister and I tested. We both came back positive.

 The symptoms they explained can be associated with this illness I had always experienced without realizing they were symptoms of a disease. Years later, all three of us were recommended to have our wisdom teeth extracted. The doctor we see routinely recommended a biological dentist all the way in Switzerland.

Weeks later I developed an infection which is how I found Dr. Regni’s office. The Doctor opened my eyes to the underlying causes of my condition, and provided me with an incredibly refreshing sense of hope for the future of my health.

One word to describe your visit: EYE-OPENING!!

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