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Meet Dr. Gerald Regni

When Dr. Gerald Regni graduated from Temple University Dental School in 1986 he knew that he wanted to be a different kind of dentist. While opening his first office in downtown Philadelphia, he continued to pursue advanced education and training in dental implants (both placing implants and creating new teeth to replace missing teeth), jaw disorders, and dental restoration (extensive dental treatment to restore a person’s teeth and gums to full health).

His interest in the effects of dental treatment on the entire body — and the effects of the entire body on dental treatment — led him to extensive study in the areas of biological and holistic dentistry.

When Dr. Gerald Regni graduated from Temple University Dental School in 1986 he knew that he wanted to be a different kind of dentist.

“I wanted to help the entire person,” says Dr. Regni. “I discovered that often a person would have a difficulty that was directly traceable to a problem in his mouth or teeth, but that would appear to be related to another part of the body entirely.”

The success that Dr. Regni has had with his patients is remarkable. By testing for and using materials in dental treatment that are compatible with the body’s own biochemistry, he can eliminate problems caused by allergic reactions to base metals or other substances found in commonly in use in dental treatment. And he can eliminate the dangers of mercury toxicity in a patient by replacing amalgam (“silver”) fillings with biocompatible fillings.

And Dr. Regni does it all in office that his patients refer to as “pain-free and friendly.”

Always interested in using advanced technology to help his patients, Dr. Regni has spent over 500 hours in Continuing Education classes, including classes in TMJD, Orthotic (External Support) Appliance Therapy, Dental Implants, Endodontics, Cosmetic Dentistry, Post Trauma Therapy, Contact Reflex Analysis (CRA), as well as General Practice Development and Management.

About Holistic Dentist Dr. Gerald Regni, His Techniques, and His Practice

Dr. Gerald Regni is a leading holistic dentist, recognized as an expert in his field. He utilizes holistic dentistry to provide a more comprehensive approach to treatment that incorporates whole body health. His patients are provided with a variety of both holistic and traditional treatment options using exclusively biocompatible materials that do not disrupt the body's natural processes.

Dr. Regni Experienced the Impact of Mercury Poisoning Firsthand

My experience with silver Mercury fillings started in my first year of dental school. I decided to be a patient for a graduating senior who needed numerous large restorations in silver Mercury (amalgam), which was considered to be the standard of care at the time. After several visits I started to have some heart arrhythmias, hand jitters, and insomnia.

One day not too long after completing all eight fillings, a woman stopped me in the grocery store to tell me my nose was bleeding. Turned out I was hemorrhaging. I went to the hospital and was diagnosed with severe hypertension at 210/120 blood pressure, which is equivalent to stroke-like pressures. I was placed on several medications over the course of 5 years with no improvement. Additionally, I developed irritable bowel syndrome, a Crohn’s like disease, and hair loss as a result of the medication. Nothing changed, so I decided to stop the meds.

Dr. Regni makes use of non-toxic, bio-safe materials and utilized what he learned from his own experience to promote whole body health for his patients.

Several years later, I went to a chiropractic seminar where the instructing doctor used a technique called autonomic response testing. He determined I had Mercury toxicity. I started a program that started to remove the toxic metal and slowly brought my pressure closer to normal. That being said, we have been employing this technique in our office ever since.

At another seminar in West Palm, a practitioner tested me with another technique that utilized resonances of specific substances. He identified that the Mercury I was exposed to changed the biological terrains (gut pH and microorganisms) to cause a parasite to take a strong hold in my G.I. tract. We also found out that my IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) was from an amoeba that had taken hold.

With diet modification and nutraceuticals, I eventually alleviated my symptoms after 15 years. I became so interested in the technology that had resolved my issues, I now employ them in my office, providing great benefits to my patients, my family, and myself!

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