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Experience you can trust for lasting, quality dental care

Dr. Gerald Regni is a highly qualified and experienced dentist, providing general and cosmetic dentistry services.

He is known by his patients for his quality work and his friendly, caring attitude. And he is known by his peers for his breakthroughs in Implant Dentistry. If you need services like dental implants or even in emergency cases, visit Dr. Regni at his clinic in Philadelphia.

With more than 26 years of experience, including dentistry at its highest level – over 1,000 implant cases and 1,000 cosmetic cases – you will find Dr. Regni a trusted partner in your dental care. Whether you’re looking for a cosmetic dentist or an emergency dentist, he’s got you covered.

In fact, Dr. Regni has taken dental care to the next level by using Natural Dentistry, which is the use of non-toxic, bio-safe materials and considering how treatment will affect the patient’s whole body. The result: beautiful, lasting and healthy smiles.

What makes Dr. Regni a truly unique and outstanding dentist in Philadelphia is his dedication to learning about each patient on a personal level. Getting to know an individual’s lifestyle and body systems becomes the foundation for creating an appropriate treatment plan.

In addition, his holistic approach to dentistry seeks to use various biocompatible materials, which are more harmonious to the body enhancing the success of each treatment plan and ultimately improving a patients overall health.

A traditional Philadelphia dentist will often use mercury fillings to replace missing teeth, which in Dr. Regni’s viewpoint may lead to negative issues, so he avoids these contaminants completely.

Accessing what will work and what won’t for reach patient is important in providing the most suitable treatment options that are in alignment with the patient’s biological and lifestyle necessities.

This level of care is important because not all treatments are suitable for each patient. Dr. Regni believes there is no “cookie cutter” approach to dentistry and this is what separates his practice apart from traditional dentists in the Philadelphia area.

Holistic or Natural dentistry tends to be more comprehensive than traditional dentistry. In the quest for optimal health and wellness, the entire body including all working systems is looked at as a whole, not just the oral cavity.

Due to his unique approach to dentistry, Dr. Regni attracts patients from neighboring states such as New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and Washington, D.C. In some cases, he has had patients traveling in from as far away as Florida and even California to benefit from his knowledge and artistry as a biological/holistic dentist in Philadelphia.

Dr. Regni has two offices located in the “Italian Market” section of Philadelphia to conveniently serve his patients. While traditionally considered the social and economic hub of the Italian community, this area is actually very ethnically diverse and his staff and patient base is a reflection of the mutli-cultural community in which he serves.

Meet Our Team

  • Dr. Gerald Regni

    Dr. Gerald Regni Dentist

    Dr. Gerald Regni When Dr. Gerald Regni graduated from Temple University Dental School in 1986 he knew that…

  • Dr. Adil Salik

    Dr. Adil Salik Dentist

    Dr. Adil Salik is an associate dentist in Dr. Regni’s team and joined the esteemed practice full-time. He…

  • Nicole D’Adamo

    Nicole D’Adamo Hygienist

    Nicole graduated from the Community College of Philadelphia in 2009. Since then, Nicole enjoys sharing a rapport with…

What Our Patients Say

  • Dr. Regni is a wonderful dentist. He has helped me conquer my fear of needles and injections. At one point in time, my phobia was so severe that I would suffer panic attacks. "Dr. Regni is the only dentist I trust to help me handle my fear and perform beautiful dental work. He is patient, kind and professional.

    Magdalena Doris, Dental Care

  • My son Raphael (Raffi) just had his first filling. Dr. Regni let him play with all the devices first so he wasn’t scared. He ended up not needing to be numbed and didn’t make a peep through the drilling. He came out with a smile!

    Raphael Fung, Dental Care

  • This office is a nice office. Dr. Regni made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. He did the right thing in my mouth without much pain. I was comfortable in the chair, and he said I was a better patient than my dad!

    Lucia Bishop, Dental Care

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